Wolf Fisher: Extreme Balancing Acts

Extreme control over mind and body, precision and danger! Breath-holding suspense, emotions, excitement and thunderous applause as seen on TV in Patrick Sebastien´s „LE PLUS GRAND CABARET DU MONDE“, on „THE BEST – le meilleur  artiste“ is now available live for YOUR event!

Wolf Fisher´s unique, spectacular show act with razor-sharp swords, balanced point to point, is the ultimate challenge that will ensnare your guests. And if swords aren't enough to make your audience gasp, Wolf has invented a new mirror balancing act that nobody else has ever performed. Balancing on broken pieces of a mirror smashed in front of your audience will give everybody the ultimate thrill and tickle your guests' nerves. This act is perfect for both television and exclusive events.

Or be thrilled when Wolf Fisher masters the danger of fire and swords in the character of an Aztec priest, in a colorful and highly visual act. Great effects – safe for your stage and your audience.

If you are looking for something more conventional, Wolf will give you entertainment with crazy amusing stunts. This is great for show highlights or for your sales booth. He will deliver YOUR message in a fun and definitely DIFFERENT way.

The Broken Glass Balance was invented, produced and is performed exclusively by Wolf Fisher, combined with the unique Looping Balance Act. The Looping Balance Act (balancing while turning around 360° like the arms of a clock) was invented and registered by Karel Bush-Busina. Wolf Fisher holds WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS on the Looping Balance Act and on his invention, the BROKEN GLAS BALANCE!